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Cast, Richard Gere, Sarah Roemer, Joan Allen, Erick Avari, Cary Horoyuki Tagawa, Jason Alexander
Director Lasse Hallstrom
Screenplay Stephen P. Lindsay, from the Japanese screenplay by Kaneto Shindo
Music Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Cinematography Ron Fortunato
Made in 2009

This is an American remake of a Japanese film, itself based on a true story from around 80 years ago. A university professor adopts a young puppy, which grows to a devoted pet under his care. It walks with him to the station every morning, and goes to meet him again in the afternoon. One day, the professor fails to return, but the dog waits patiently for him. As the days turn into years, the dogs fame grows. When he eventually dies, still awaiting his master, the townspeople erect a statue in his honour. Although the film has enjoyed a cinematic release in some markets, it went straight to DVD in the USA.

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