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Skills Like This Wallpapers. Release Date: March 20, 2009
Studio: Shadow Distribution

Starring: Spencer Berger, Brian D. Phelan
Genre: Comedy

Plot Summary: The day before his 25th birthday, Max Solomon (Spencer Berger) faces the awful truth that he will never be a writer. In a desperate attempt to find his next artistic endeavor, he turns to crime and pulls off a great feat. His newfound talent ignites a passion within him and sends his two best friends on their own journeys. Tommy (Brian D. Phelan), the slacker, is inspired to enter the job market, and Dave (Gabriel Tigerman), only too aware of the consequences of grand theft, becomes obsessed with writing the perfect apology letter. It may not be the time to fall in love, but when Max meets Lucy (Kerry Knuppe), it's decision time.

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