Fat Girls Wallpapers

Fat Girls
Release Date: July, 2007 (limited)
Studio: Here! Films, Regent Releasing
Director: Ash Christian
Ash Christian
Starring: Ash Christian, Jonathan Caouette, Robin De Jesus, Ashley Fink, Deborah Theaker
Genre: Comedy

Official Website: FatGirlsmovie.com

Plot Summary:
Armed with biting humor and quirky sensibility, Rodney and his Rubenesque friend Sabrina are valiantly suffering through the indignity known as high school. Both are outcasts; he's gay and she's overweight. Trapped in a small Texas town and having come to accept his "fat girl" within, Rodney is an aspiring Broadway star who musters up the energy to confront his fears and take life – and the hot new student from England – by the horns. With Rodney's awkward experiences, off-beat attitude and strange evangelical family, "Fat Girls" is a hilarious rollercoaster ride that careens to an outrageous climax. This auspicious debut announces the arrival of filmmaker and star Ash Christian as a major new talent.