Everythings Gone Green Wallpapers

Everything's Gone Green

Release Date: April 20, 2007 (limited)
Studio: First Independent Pictures
Director: Paul Fox
Douglas Coupland
Starring: Paulo Costanzo, Steph Song, JR Bourne, Aidan Devine, Susan Hogan, Tom Butler, Peter Kelamis, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Katharine Isabelle, Chiu-Lin Tam, Camyar Chai, Tara Wilson, Jennifer Kitchen, Alexus Dumont, Don Thompson
Genre: Comedy

Plot Summary:
"'Everything's Gone Green' is about when you get older and you feel certain doors closing very quickly on you. It deals with that feeling of now or never," says Douglas Coupland.

In what is a sly comment on the times since his first publication of "Generation X" over a decade ago, "Everything's Gone Green" is the first story from popular writer Douglas Coupland written specifically for the screen.
Ryan, late-twenties and not getting any younger, is tempted into a money-laundering scheme but struggles with his ill-gotten gains while trying to find happiness.
In this comedy, Ryan tries hard not to try hard but is surrounded by over-achievers.
His hippie friend has gone capitalistic in a not-so-legal way. His older brother has always been capitalistic in a legal if not-so-ethical way. His father, after losing his job and his faith in the system, has found profitable promise outside of the establishment. Even the woman he desires is comfortable to be cared for by a big-time car thief.
As Douglas Coupland has done in the past, new questions are raised about the period we live in. Is it possible to just drift into the new century? Are the middle-class facing extinction? When is "enough" enough? And is there any hope that not everyone wants to be a millionaire.