Little Children Wallpapers

Little Children Wallpapers 1600*1200 Little Children Wallpapers 1024*768 Little Children Wallpapers 800*600 Release Date: October 6, 2006 (NY, LA) Studio: New Line Cinema Screenwriter: Todd Field, Tom Perrotta Starring: Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly, Patrick Wilson, Noah Emmerich, Jackie Earle Haley, Gregg Edelman, Sarah Buxton Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance Plot Summary: Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Connelly star in Little Children, the latest work from Oscar-nominated writer/director Todd Field. Based on the novel by Tom Perrotta, "Little Children" centers on a handful of individuals whose lives intersect on the playgrounds, town pools and streets of their small community in surprising and potentially dangerous ways.