Echhi Wallpapers

The word ecchi is etymologically derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the letter H. In modern Japanese, the word is predominantly "sexual" in nature (akin to the English words dirty or naughty), carrying slightly negative connotations, but not necessarily "perverted" (which is usually reserved for the word hentai) unless it is being used to describe a person. Note that "ecchi" is a non-standard romanization � using Hepburn it would be "etchi", but this spelling is comparatively rare both in Japan and outside it. In English, the word is often used in the context of manga and anime. The term Ecchi is applied to anime or manga that has vague sexual content (such as skimpy clothing, partial or full nudity), but does not show sexual intercourse. However, ecchi has historically often been used as a synonym of hentai, presumably due to confusion of the two; thus it can carry different connotations than allowed for by the original Japanese. In recent years, however, its use by English-speakers has largely realigned with the Japanese meaning � although H (pronounced as the standard aitch) has become a completely separate term, inclusive of all of the above. The ecchi art style is loosely comparable to pin-up girl artwork, as well provocative fantasy and comic book art in the United States and other countries. Typical features include: Clothing that outlines the shape of the breasts, nipples, and labia, suggesting tightness of clothing and arousal. Uniforms, costumes, or outfits that may be provocative, but are worn as everyday clothing by the character. Characters who are unaware of their sexuality, appear innocent or cheerful, or sly and mischievous. Clothing that is falling off or being pulled off, notably swimsuits. Upskirt panty shots and cleavage. Suggestive or phallic imagery, such as Japanese mayonnaise bottles. Exaggerated sexual attributes, often on normal or petite figures to give a sense of contrast. Especially used in doujinshi and fanart, where a character may appear more sexualized than normal. Cute or innocent character with obvious sexual appearance or clothing.